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01. Intro
02. A Mortal Way Of Life
03. Interlude I
04. A Cadaveristic Desire?
05. Interlude II
06. Stigma From Hell
07. Interlude II
08. Master Of Light
09. Interlude IV
10. The Dark Lust Of The Rotten Soul
11. Interlude V
12. Crawling From The Grave
13. Outro
I heard black metal from a lot of regions and countries where I didn’t expect to find black metal, but this is the first time I come across a band from Puerto Rico. Azmaveth is formed back in 1999, but it took till 2004 before they released their first full-lenght album Azmaveth. Four years later Strong As Death sees the light of day.

Strong As Death contains black metal that is influenced by death metal and sporadic maybe a little bit of thrash metal. High and piercing screams are combined with deep and rasping grunts. With moments the music is fast and aggressive, but in a blink of an eye more melancholic and slow. In these moments there is the use of keyboards that create a sound that give the music that little extra atmosphere and sometimes it makes it a little more creepy. Maybe the production could be a little more bold/heavy or thick sound. My biggest point of critisism are the use of interludes before every song with acoustic/hispanic/flamcenco strumming. This would be a good intro/outro or a moment in the middle of the album, but please not before every song.

Besides these notes of discontent, I must conclude that this is a nice piece of work with a decent piece of music on it. Curious or a little more open-minded black metal fans can check this out.

  Rating: 76 /100

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