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Eric van Landingham

01. Born
02. Ignorance Shame
03. You Die
04. From the Outside
05. 1000 Voices
06. They Breathe
07. No One Attacked
08. Hypnosis
09. The War on Sanity
10. Nobody's Home
11. The Final Battle
12. Welcome to Your Funeral
A singer/songwriter in Heavy Metal? Yes!! His name is Eric Van Landingham, so first something about the musician of this beautiful album Meet My Demons. Eric is an accomplished, professional musician with multiple talents within many aspects of the musical profession. He also has played with guys like Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and Damage Plan, Ace Frehley, Tommy Stewart of Godsmack and many others.

The first solo CD is self titled and was recorded over a six month period in 1999 at Mean Street studio in Saginaw, Michigan. All writing, playing, recording, mixing, artwork and duplication was done by Eric. The first CD was supported live by S.L.A.V.E. at a few larger shows. Meet My Demons is the second CD which was released in December of 2008 on Retrospect Records. This is a concept album about the horrors of anxiety disorder. This CD lays on my doormat 2 months after its release and I can tell you that it normally should have ended in my personal top 10 for 2008, so I think I will take Meet My Demons with me to my list of 2009.

Meet My Demons cannot be placed in a specified sub-genre. It’s musically and textual a 12 track trip through the mind of Eric VanLandingham. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from the eighties and the nineties are mixed on this album. You can hear some influences from bands like Iron Maiden, Pantera, (the early) Queensr˙che and even Ace Frehley. So it’s diverse and damn good. On the opening track Born the story begins with some whispers and a hellish scream, followed by a great guitar riff with some kick-ass drums. Knowing that Eric plays all the instruments we can conclude that this guy has a marvellous talent. Even the voice of Eric is very nice to listen to on this concept album. Sometimes he even does that high pitch vocals that we US-power metal freaks love so much. The second song of the album Ignorance Shame has that Pantera vibe we all loved at one time. Especially the musical insert in this song is from outstanding quality. We go further with You Die. A song which does refer to eighties metal like Queensr˙che. Affectionate guitar pieces followed by some heavy riffs at the end of the song. Now we are landed by one of my favourite songs From the Outside which at some points does remind me of the solo work from Ace Frehley, even the voice of Eric has something from Ace in it. And the guitar playing on this song is totally magnificent, listen to the solo and the small inserts at the end of this song. And the next song 1000 Voices has a typical beginning of an eighties power metal ballad whereafter again a great song exposes itself. At the end of the album Eric does it a little slower with tracks like Nobody's Home and The Final Battle to end with a great opus complete with church bells and everything you need to Welcome (to) Your Funeral.

So a surprisingly good album by a very talented singer/songwriter.
You might check Eric’s Demons out on his MySpace page which is http://www.myspace.com/ericvanlandingham where you can order your copy of the album you missed last year !!

  Rating: 91 /100

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