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01. You knew
02. Reliesession
03. Never
04. Recently
05. Life started
06. Who am I
07. Don?t
08. Trust
09. The both of us
10. Confidence
11. Time and time
12. Any other day
13. Just in time
14. Fight back
The debut album Rearranged of this German Nu Melodic Rock group is not a sound you’ve never heard before. While I drive to work with this CD waking up my ears I can’t help but hear influences of a band like Nickelback. Except, this band is more exiting to the eardrums! Why? Very simple: more variety, sometimes easy listening, sometimes a bit unpredictable and more metal in it. End of story....well, not quite.
Semi-ballad Recently and ballad The Both of Us (not their best) succeed each other as melodic tracks with easy refrains like You knew or the catchy Any other day. Very surprising ball twisting vocals on that first one, it must hurt but it sounds great! No (irritating) German accent in the English by the way.
The weaker Never appears to be a bit to low for the vocals, which seem sometimes a bit false. But in the other somgs the vocals are very divers, with a bit of distortion, ballad, rap, rock and multi vocal choirs. The intro of Reliesession and Time and Time seem a bit the same for a few seconds, but the second song shifts in a higher gear. Just in Time is my personal favourite, in close-finish with Fight Back. Mix that up with a spark of synthesizer and percussion and well produced guitars and you’ve got it.
These six guys seem to be local heroes near south-east Germany and are now trying to break through in the rest of Europe via the label Limited Access Records. They’ve got my blessings. My compliments go to band member Michael Schmitt, who produced and mixed the album with a mature sound. My preference is a bit more guitars and the vocals a bit mixed to the back, but hey: buy this record and judge for yourselves!

  Rating: 90 /100

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