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Solace Of Requiem

01. Theoretics
02. Red Sea
03. Language Of The Gods
04. Lost Vapors
05. Deceiver
06. To Suffer Mortality
07. Beyond Grace
08. Your Last Enemy
09. Cry Out For Mercy
In the Death metal scene the Swedes are having their better days at the moment. Their mostly progressive and melodic Death metal have conquered the world with a lot of talented bands. In these times of Swedish domination, the American Death metal band Solace of Requiem release their new record Utopia Reborn. And what a record it is! Death metal as itís supposed to be! Raw, fast and of course very hard!

In 2004 the band released their first record, which is selftitled. Solace of Requiem sounds very professional. The vocals by Jeff Sumrell is one of the strongest points in the music of Solace of Requiem. Sumrellís grunt is very raw, which influences their music heavily. On the album Malevolent Creation vocalist Brett Hoffmann makes a guest appearance. Utopia Reborn is also instrumentally of a very high level. Bands which they can be compared with are Vader (only the fast and instrumental parts), Atrocity and Atheist. But they do add something new to these styles.

According to their website, the lyrics are what makes the band special. "Solace of Requiem has substituted philosophy and mysticism in place of gore and blasphemy to produce a dark and surreal vision." Well, thatís probably renewing for this style of Death metal, but even for a trained listener like me itís still hard to decipher the lyrics in this style of grunting. So far for my criticism, because I think Utopia Reborn is a great Death metal record. Highlights of the album are To Suffer Mortality and Red Sea.

The Myspace website of the band (which band hasnít one nowadays) says the band is doing a Rebirth tour in the winter of 2006 through Europe. If youíre a Death metal fan: keep your eyes open to see if they play near your place, because itís absolutely worth it. Oh, and by the way: the band is currently in need of a new guitarist, because guitarist Chris has left the band. If you want to go on audition for this great band, send an e-mail to: info@solreq.com and who knows youíll be touring through Europe in some months.

  Rating: 92 /100

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