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01. The Power That Feeds
02. Planet Crusher
03. Scarlet Witch
04. Spirit Of Vengeance
05. Black River Falls
06. Operation Overlord
07. Power Of A God
08. Speed Kills
09. Stranger In Black
10. Die Glocke
11. Spectre Of War
12. Science Of Annihilation
13. At The Edge Of The Infinite
In 1999 CAGE won the Rock Hard best-unsigned band contest in competition with 600
other bands and were rewarded with the possibility to play at the Dynamo festival the
same year with headliner Metallica. They then signed their first record deal immediately after their ripping performance in front of an estimated 8,000 at the Dynamo Open Air festival. After a brilliant performance there they were selected to play the prestigious Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany and the Metal Dayz Open Air Festival in Switzerland. After this little ‘how it all begun story’ we have arrived at the 5th effort of Cage titled Science Of Annihilation.

First a warning for all of you: “If you liked the last album ‘Hell Destroyer’, please do not read any further, but get your boots on and run to your local record shop to buy this unbelievable power metal album”. Got that ? Alright let’s go on for the rest who aren’t familiar with Cage.

Cage is power metal with a big P and M. After I got the promo from the record company, this new album Science Of Annihilation from Cage is making overtime in my cd-player. The music is a brilliant mix of bands like Judas Priest and Agent Steel, listen for example to the songs Planet Crusher and Scarlet Witch. While Black River Falls sounds like King Diamond on speed and Power Of A God could have been written by Primal Fear and I am for sure that these guys from Cage have the all time classic Doomsday For The Deceiver from Flotsam and Jetsam in their record collection if you listen to Speed Kills. Vocalist Sean Peck has delivered his best performance till now. With his aggressive and high pitch vocals this man is standing on the same level as King Diamond, Rob Halford, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and Matt Barlow, to name a few. With Norm “The Legend” Leggio (ex-Psychotic Waltz) Vage Cage has a drummer who is still discovering new (fast) ways to play his drums. And Mike Giordano does a great job to keep up with Norm and the outstanding guitar players Anthony Wayne McGiness and Dave Garcia. Both are delivering outstanding riffs and solo’s. Well what more do you want? Are there no fillers on this album. Well I must say yes, but it is a short one, Spectre Of War, and it is the intro, if you may say so, to the superb title track of this new Cage album with even some Iron Maiden twin guitars in it. Next month Cage is touring in Europe. After reading this review I think you might like to see them on stage, just like me. Thank You Cage for delivering the Science Of Annihilation !!!

  Rating: 94 /100

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