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Usynlig Tumult

01. Rest
02. Tomorrow
03. Single with Nature
04. Crucified...
05. Curse of Eternal Winter

Usynlig Tumult is a rather new band (formed about a year ago) from Ukraine. As their first release, Grigoriy Nazarov (Zebaoth) (all instruments and vocals) and Mariya Nazarova (Margareth) (keyboards and vocals) decided to release all at once a first full-length. For me that’s a brave decision (a couple of demo’s to “practice” was maybe safer). But a brave decision can be made with a greater force on your side.

And before I go to the music and this release of Usynlig Tumult, I can permit myself not to go into that “Greater force” I noticed. I have seen some more band who had Christianity as a source of inspiration (in negative and even in positive ways), and it can be a good source (even for black metal bands). But when I see a band like Usynlig Tumult I have to put a question mark behind it. Although the artwork and the paint on the faces, the band is preaching the standard Christian norms (God and Jezus Christ are great and if you are an enemy of them you go to hell) and call their music unblack metal. But what I never can understand is how can a music stream that stands for negativity, darkness and evil, can be used into a religion what stands for the opposite. And I also can understand that somebody likes the music (although also the music is dark and negative), but why make dark artwork and use corpsepaint to look evil, when it’s not something you stand behind in the lyrics. Maybe some day somebody can tell me so I can understand (maybe this is a good option for an interview.)

The music on this release is like I said black metal. Melodic black metal with a strong part for the keyboards. Typical screams and guitar riffs and arrangements that are not bad, make this album listenable. The reason is that I mentioned to release a demo first, is that I think the sound of the drums can be a lot better and made more as a whole (a simple example is the ambient part at the end of the song Sing with Nature that’s cut short)

When you see this release as a first try, I must say that it is not bad at all. Now lets see what this band can do in the future.

  Rating: 68 /100

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