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In Grief

01. Darkening Horizon
02. I Am
03. Invited War
04. Modern Truth
05. Deserted Soul
06. In The End
07. Weak
From the land where antichristian bands rule the musical landscape, the answer to that evil sound comes in the form of a new band In Grief. Formed in 2008 and already here is the debut album Deserted soul which contains a bombastic form of death/black metal.

Six songs and an intro, which sounds like a short album but surprisingly enough it contains fifty minutes of music. Fifty minutes that pass by real easy. In grief has made an album that sucks you in and before you know it the album is over. It’s an interesting journey which throws you from one end to the other. One moment you get blasted away by the powerful riffs and the brutal grunts, the other moment they create a chilling mechanical cold which makes you feel desolated. It’s hard to compare this band with others but a combination of Evergrey, Scar symmetry and Katatonia is the closest I can come up with.

It’s impressive what these guys have created in the short time of their existence.
This is progressive death/black at it’s best. People who enjoy the mentioned bands and like bands like Opeth and are not afraid of bombastic quality metal should definitly give it a try.

  Rating: 88 /100

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