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01. Cut To The Heart
02. Demons In The Dark
03. Terraphobic
04. Wave Of Predation
05. To The Drums We Rise
06. Full SPeed Ahead
07. Into The North
08. The Last
09. The Sea Encompassing
10. Feeding Frenzy
11. Ocean Metal
Dagon is an American death/thrash outfit. Named probably after a Philistine fish god their lyrical concept is based on sea and oceanic adventures. And with a title like Terraphobic it is even more obvious.

The band was raised out of the ashes from brutal metal band Bestiary and recorded as Dagon an EP Secrets of the deep and a full length CD Paranormal Ichthyology in 2006.
Terraphobic is the second album for Bombworks Records and was released april 2009.

Dagon plays death/thrash with a good portion of technical ingenuity and power. The band draws their influences from Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden and a careful listener would also discover a slight Bolt Thrower edge.
Their songs are very dynamic, catchy and with enough melody to keep it all interesting after more than a few spins. The vocals are another musical strong point for this band. There are two singers who complement each other. One provides low gutteral growls and the other black metal shrieks which sound to me like a combination of Mille Petrozza and Dani Filth. These vocal duals sound fantastic.

Songs like opener Cut to the heart, Wave of Predation, The Last and the slow banger To the drums we rise are great songs. Lets not forget Dagon metal anthem Ocean Metal with the Halford voice.
Actually there is only one minor track and that is the titletrack Terraphobic. Not an interesting song and quite boring. Feeding Frenzy is a remake from an older track from their EP.

Production is decent. Although the drumsound is a little too clinical for my taste. With a more organic sound and louder guitars this album would be even better than it is now. Next time throw in a couple of guitar solo's more and Dagon can grow into one of the bigger names of the melodic death/thrash scene.

The album cover is done by famous Jan Yrlund and comes in a nice folded digipack which reveals the complete artwork.

Ocean Metal yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  Rating: 83 /100

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