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Seventh Angel

01. Chaos of Dreams
02. The Turning Tide
03. Exordium
04. Weep Not for Us
05. Ab?lard and Heloise
06. In Ruins
07. Lamentations
08. The Raven Sky
09. Oswiecim

It’s hardly possible to shortly sum up the history of Seventh Angel. They’ve been around since the late 80’s and have been through many things like line-up changes, a lot of gigs and split-up…twice. Yes, this is one of those Thrash-metal bands that has already split up twice. The first time was just a few days. They reunited when they were offered to do a gig. But the second one lasted from 1992 till 2008. And with their return they planned on delivering a masterpiece to the crowd. Combining their old work with flaws of nowadays metal.

And they’ve succeeded in doing so! This release contains a very solid but old-skool Thrash sound. What you will hear is a low growling thrash grunt combined with clean, very old skool thrash sounding vocals(reminding me of some Dark Angel). Those clean vocals really give the music that old Thrash sound which gives the feeling SA never left. It’s the typical Thrash sound with a bit of a ‘depressive’ sound to it.
This sound is caused by the eerie notes played by the guitars. They can be heard at the beginning of most songs. But the intro that stands out the most to me is from the track Abélard and Heloise. This truly is the most beautiful Thrash song that I’ve ever heard. The sad melody of the guitars that can be heard throughout the song combined with the harsh vocals make the picture complete. Furthermore Lamentations, The Turning Tide and Exordium are lead in by some eerie guitar tunes.

I can really say that this is a great work of art. They’ve managed to mix a lot of attributes and sounds to one perfect release. It might sound a bit sad but if you look through that you will hear some great Oldskool Thrash-metal. They’re back again, for the third time!

  Rating: 90 /100

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