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Grave Forsaken

01. No News...Ain't Good News
02. Mother Of Harlots
03. This Day Forth
04. Celebrity Judge And The Sinners Part III
05. Wasting Power
06. Death Undone
07. Holy Blood
08. Affluenza
Well, this the 3th album from the Australian band Grave Forsaken and my first acquaintance with these Christian thrash metal band. I must say the first time I listened to this This Day Forth I thought it was a nice album. But after several spins I must confess that they lean a lot on other bands. Especially Bay Area thrash bands like Forbidden, Testament and Death Angel. And then I haven’t told you yet that vocalist Tim Steadman is doing his very best to look like Tom Araya from the mighty Slayer. No kiddin’, every riff, solo, break you have heard before. And that is really a pity, because you can also hear that these guys know how to use their instruments.

Thrash metal is hot these days and one of the new bands that surprised me was Warbringer with their latest effort Waking Into Nightmares. I surely hope that next year Grave Forsaken will surprise me, ‘cause again these guys know how to play. So now some extra attention and own input to the songwriting process and I’m sure that the next album will be better then This Day Forth.

  Rating: 51 /100

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