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A Hill To Die Upon

01. Of Fire and Division
02. Prometheus Rebound
03. This King Never Smiles
04. Season of the Starved Wolf
05. Twin Heads of Vengeance
06. Heka Secundus (On Slithering Ice)
07. We Soulless Men
08. The Dark Road
09. Titanic Essence
10. Eclipse of Serpents
11. Rime
A Hill to Die Upon is formed back in 2004 in Illinois, USA. According to their biography they were searching for a musical identity in the beginning: “If there was one thing to describe A Hill to Die Upon, it would be a resistance to die. From the beginning, AHTDU has made it a point to do, whatever that may be, the best they possibly can. Starting out as a two piece hardcore act and growing through over several genre leaps, A Hill to Die Upon became a black metal duo of two brothers that would not stop after any hardship that came their way.” Besides a demo, this Infinite Titanic Immortal is their first (full-length) release and again we have a band that got it’s inspiration from the point of view of Christianity.

The music of A Hill to Die Upon melodic is brutal as well as melodic. The fact that this was starting as a hardcore band can only be heard when you got this information in the back of your head en listens very well. But on the other hand, death metal has got a big footprint in the music. A band that is mentioned in the info sheet that came with this album is Behemoth and with moments I must agree with this comparison.

For people that like death metal spurs in their black metal or those who think Behemoth is a great band, can have an interesting new band to keep an eye on. For me this is nice release to listen to and for a debut not bad at all.

  Rating: 73 /100

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