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01. Ton Of Bricks (METALCHURCH)
03. Steeler (JUDAS PRIEST)
04. Iron Fist (MOT?RHEAD)
05. Denim & Leather (SAXON)
06. Creeping Death (METALLICA)
07. Wrathchild (IRON MAIDEN)
08. Can't Get Out (VENGEANCE RISING)
09. Gut Wrench (MORTIFICATION)
10. Sin After Sin (TWISTED SISTER)
11. Moto Psycho (MEGADETH)
12. Metal Health (QUIET RIOT)
13. Powersurge (OVERKILL)
Ultimatum is a thrash metal act from the USA. The band began in early 1992 by founder Robert Gutierrez and guitarist Steve Trujillo. In 1993 they released their first demo titled Fatal Delay and in 1995, a full length tape titled Symphonic Extremities by Ultimatum was released independently by the band.
Further releases from Ultimatum are: Puppet of Destruction (1998), The Mechanics of Perilous Times (2001), 'till the end (2006) (EP) and Into The Pit (2007).

Lex Metalis is their latest effort and this time they release a cover album. Many bands release this kind of stuff and many times its a nice atempt to cover once heroes. This Lex Metalis (Metal is law) is no different. The band chose a few of their favorite bands and started pounding away. All time classics like Iron Fist (Motorhead), Wrathchild (Iron Maiden), Creeping Death (Metallica), Powersurge (Overkill) and Ton of Bricks (Metal Church) to name a few get the Ultimatum treatment. Pretty good covers although most of the time singer Scott Waters has a real thrash throat and that doesn't fit the music always. Like on Ton of bricks and Steeler. On some of the thrash songs he is much better, like on Gut Wrench (Mortification) and Can't Get Out (Vengeance Rising). Good thing the band added some liner notes about every particular song with an explanation on why they chose it.

For a thrash band cover album it is rare to see that the greatest thrash band of all times Slayer is missing. But maybe it has something to do with their satanic image to some extend because Ultimatum is a Christian metalband.

Overall an album that is not bad but not that good either. With an average production this album is most suitable for fans of the band and they will have a blast.

  Rating: 70 /100

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