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01. Dolce Vita Sath-anas
02. When The Heads Are Going Down
03. Oh! My King
04. Shade Of Wrath Angels
05. Ground Zero
06. Dissolution Of Eternity
07. Ancient Land Of Ys
08. Avericious Scavenger/Panth Of Lash
09. Lamentation Sword
Well, it seems that some bands really are doing something with the critique they got somwhere in the past. The guys from the Polish metal band Grimlord are one of them, and that is my first compliment. When I saw this new album Dolce Vita Sath-anas fell on my doormat I was curious if they would have a new singer. Till my surprise Barth La Picard was still the vocalist. So I put this disc in my player with no expectations. On the first three songs from Dolce Vita Sath-anas my feelings were right, although I have to say that through a much better production the voice of Barth La Picard isn’t that irritating anymore as on Blood Runneth Over.

Great surprise for me was that the other six songs are instrumental. And as I had said in my review of Blood Runneth Over that they should go out and find another singer, Grimlord finds another way to please your reviewer, and that is a compliment also. I had already heard on their last album that these guys can write decent songs and show great skill on their instruments. But now they even knocked me down with some keyboards and flute sounds. It’s just not simply power metal anymore. No, Grimlord has put a great step forward into mankind with this new album, and they play now prog power instrumental metal from a high quality. Yes, the influences from the late eighties, early nineties are still there of course, but they are overthrown with a Grimlord sauce out of 2009. Listen and convince yourself with tracks like Shade Of Wrath Angels, Ground Zero and Lamentation Sword. Follow Grimlord on www.myspace.com/grimlordband .

  Rating: 79 /100

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