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Wicked Wisdom

01. Yesterday Don't Mean
02. Something Inside Of Me
03. One
04. Bleed All Over Me
05. Cruel Intentions
06. You Can't Handle
07. Forgiven
08. Set Me Free
09. Don't Hate Me
10. Reckoning
The girl of The Nutty Professor, could also be the title of this CD. But it sure doesn’t sound like that weasel she’s playing in the movie. Jada Pinckett Smith is the name and she kicks ass!!! I think that husband Will Smith (yes, thé...) gets slapped around the house every once and a while, cause this girls’ aggression and inspiration in the songs must come from somewhere. A bit thin vocals sometimes, but she screams great and also the quiet songs have good vocals. I have a weak spot for bands with women who can scream as front “man”, like Skunk Anansie or Phantom Blue (way back!), so I can’t be all objective. But the band behind / next to the woman stands like a rock! The opener Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit To Me sounds as tight as a ducks’ ass like we say it in Dutch. The double bass sounds almost like a drum computer, but it isn’t. It’s Phillip Fisher (Fishbone), better than ever! The CD ends with the powerful Reckoning. Unbelievable that this band stood as the opener of Britney Spears in 2004 ánd on the Ozzfest 2005 on the stage! Forget Britney, ‘cause their music fits like a glove at Ozzfest. A combination of metal and funk, all written by lead guitarist Pocket Honore, rhythm guitarist & keyplayer Cameron Graves and Jada Pinckett Smith herself.
In almost 34 minutes the doll Smith shows her teeth with experienced musicians and well produced metal. Hell, if all the celebrities would make metal like this the world would be a whole lot better! Let’s hear more from this band and hope it isn’t a ‘one CD wonder’. It appears on AFM Records and is distributed by Rock Inc. Promotions in the Benelux.

  Rating: 88 /100

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