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1. In the wake of evolution
2. In the heart of her own magic field
3. Electric power water notes
4. Folkia's first decision
5. The words are like leaves
6. Arcs of sound
7. Smoke from a secret source
8. The seven oceans of our mind

In The Wake Of Evolution is the 10th studio album of the Swedish band Kaipa. Still after 35 years the band proves they belong in the front lines of progressive rock land. With In The Wake Of Evolution the band celebrates their 10th album; for the fans this album is the best way to celebrate this milestone. In 35 years 10 studio albums isn’t that much; although each album is worth waiting for a long time absolutely. Also in case of In The Wake Of Evolution. Great songs and a crystal clear production.

In The Wake Of Evolution stands for superb prog rock with lots of different influences like folk, Yes (title song), baroque (Folkia's first decision), jazz and bombastic rock. For almost 5 years the band plays with almost the same line up; in 2005 Per Nilsson joined the band; from that time on Hans Lundin (Keyboards & vocal), Per Nilsson (Guitar), Patrik Lundström (Lead & backing vocal), Aleena Gibson (Lead & backing vocal), Jonas Reingold (Bass) and Morgan Ĺgren (drums) are responsible for several great prog rock albums.

Listening the album you can hear that the band played together for many years. It also complements the quality of writer and composer Lundin. Again he succeeded in making 8 new jewels.
The combination of the bright male vocals (Lundström) and the somewhat harsh female vocals (Gibson) is terrific. The vocals of Gibson are very emotional; from the first song on (the title song) she is able to give the songs an extra dimension. Add some great melodies and solos to it, supported by a strong rhythm section and you have a remarkable prog rock song.

The title song starts with typical Yes influences; soon it gets the typical Kaipa sound. In the title song the world is awakening again and becomes aware that mankind is getting closer to the edge every day. The solution for saving the children is finding another way than the way to the abyss. With emotional vocals, superb melodies and great solos the foundation is laid for a terrific album.
The long Electric power water notes (it takes over 17 minutes) has mostly male vocals. Although the songs last this long time it isn’t boring at all; with lots of different atmospheres from prog rock to slow tempo parts; from symphonic rock to great heavy guitar oriented parts. There are long instrumental parts; every part has beautiful melodies. Sometimes funky and jazzy influences but most of the time progressive rock. The title Electric power water notes makes clear the electric guitar has the leading part. Terrific guitar playing from melodic riffs to many solos.
Folkia's first decision is the moment Kaipa is slowing down; it starts with baroque and ends like symphonic rock. The slow tempo The words are like leaves has very bombastic and powerful parts. The last song of the album The seven oceans of our mind starts with folk melodies to become a slow tempo prog rock song. After 3 minutes there is a quiet part in which Lundström and Gibson spread a lot hopeful wishes that is followed by bombastic orchestra and melodic solos that becomes a ballad varied with acoustic parts, power ballad parts and subtle guitar solos on a bed of beautiful keyboard sounds.

The conclusion is rather simple: “In the wake of evolution” is a must have for all prog rock fans and everybody that likes rock music with great melodies.

  Rating: 95 /100

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