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Void Moon

01. The Word and the Abyss
02. Kallocain (pt.I)
03. Akka (Mother)
04. The Burning Court
05. Through the Gateway
When I was walking around at the last Keep It True festival thinking and laughing about the ridiculous reason why Candlemass wouldn’t come to headline the festival, I met Peter Svensson, the bass player from the legendary underground band Cult of the Fox.
He gave me the demo from his new band Void Moon. And when the night fell in and I was back at my hotel room I checked out this demo Void Moon. Still a bit fuzzy about the joke that Candlemass didn’t play that night because they had to work three days later and the fact that their singer Robert Lowe did show up at KIT out of the USA! Peter Svensson made me back happy at my hotel room. This demo is DOOM !

Listen to the opening track The Word and the Abyss. The guitars are saying it for themselves and that their owners listened very carefully to the magical Black Sabbath. Slow guitar riffs, followed by a little up-tempo piece of music to strand in a long ending of this track with the spotlight on Jonas Gustavsson with the clean vocals and guitar.
Hereafter we have an intermission called Kallocain (pt.I). The next track, Akka (Mother), is even slower with a nice ending where Thomas Hedlund may live himself out on his drum kit. Another intermission is followed with the name The Burning Court. And already we have arrived at the last track, Through the Gateway, which is again a little bit faster and has again a surprising musical interlude but an ending that is coming too early if you ask me.

So instead of Candlemass I met Peter Svensson at KIT. This guy has to work also three days later on his regular job but he showed up to promote his new band Void Moon, which music you can hear on their myspace page : www.myspace.com/voidmoonmetal.
So if you are a fan of doom metal check out this new band Void Moon. And if you are reading this and you have a record company and you want some musicians with good songs who are willing to work hard for their beloved music you might contact Void Moon as well.

  Rating: - /100

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