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The Frozen

01. Frozen
02. Adore
03. Opposite
04. Carnival
05. Straight to Hell
06. Winter
07. Reason to feast
08. Violet
09. Jester
10. Whore
11. The night of the vampire
12. Still frozen
The Frozen comes from Austria and have already released a few albums by themselves. A mini-CD Zero in 2003 and a few demos since their existence in 1998. The band was formed in highschool. This album starts with a dull whispering intro, but it’s waiting for the opener. Which starts full throttle with the strong Adore. A great song while you’re driving your car with catchy speed metal and a bit punk. Some blues influences are heard in Reason to Feast and the strong guitar riff of Violet is great metal. The album ends with the melodramatic semi-balad Night of the Vampire and a dull outro.
All this is produced by the brain of the band, singer Dennis Panholzer. He has a lot of qualities because the old school metal with a bit Metallica/Megadeth sound is quite good and the bluesy guitar in Straight to Hell is played with real blues fingers. Except, Dennis can’t sing for one f*cking bit!! And that’s exactly what he does for 45 minutes on the album. The vocals are unpleasant and the sound waves become an irritating torture for your ears after a few songs. The double dubbed vocals are very poor. Véry poor and they overrule the qualities that this band has. ‘Cause this is not a bad band from Austria, but the music and the vocals gathered makes a very unlucky combination. Which will not score points when listened by persons who have an experienced metal hearing.
All the points are for the production and the musicians, but for the vocals: Austria, zero points!

  Rating: 45 /100

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