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01. Swallowing everything
02. Brand new
03. Bury me
04. Monochrome
05. On tour way down
06. Money short
07. Gone
08. Almost out of sight
09. Howl
10. 410
11. Goodbye
Helmet was formed in New York City in 1989 and of the founding members only Page Hamilton is still original. Two members of the band have left since the previous album Size Matters (2004). Bass player Frank Bello is back to his roots with Anthrax and in Mike Jost Helmet has found a new drummer. Monochrome is their/his 6th CD since Strap it on (1991) which makes the band not as productive as bands like Motörhead with a yearly release. OK, Helmet has had a pause of 6 years before 2004.
Hamilton takes care of almost all of the music and all the lyrics. His lyrics in the first song remind me a bit of Exodus and (Black Sabbath) Ozzy. Hamilton is a singer like Fat’s Domino: he can’t sing but in one octave! Well, maybe two… Enough fat piano player talk, let’s listen again. The opener Swallowing everything has a certain tension in it and a tempo to loosen the neck muscles slightly.

The titletrack has surprising vocals but sounds like a stoner rock song. In Brand new the tempo goes up and Almost out of sight is a very melodic pop/rock song. It gives a varied start to the CD, but when you’re finished listening after 42 minutes you don’t feel like running towards your computer and order all the other albums of Helmet. The sound of Monochrome is brutal and raw rock and Page Hamilton is fully responsible for that together with Wharton Tiers. For the Helmet fans a must to compare with the other albums. Monochrome is released by Warcon Records and Rock Inc. takes care of the promotional activities in The Netherlands.

  Rating: 70 /100

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