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1.Stand Alone
2.Fema Man
3.Once Again
4.Tried To Build An Engine
5.Worlds On Fire
6.2 x 4
7.In Your Shadow
8.Stepped On
Here we have the new Suplecs record. They have been around since 1996 and this is their 4th album called Mad Oak Redoux. The story of this band is incredible. After their 2nd album Sad Songs...Better Days the record company Man’s Ruin Records went bankrupt. After this setback the band recorded their 3th album Powtin’on the Outside, Pawty on the Inside. All seemed well again until nature intervened. Hurricane Katrina damn near wiped the band of planet Earth, but since I am now listening to their 4th album Mad Oak Redoux it’ll take more than catastrophic property loss to deter the guys of Suplecs. Seen in that light the lyrics of Fema Man speaks for themselves:

And the water came up
And our city went down
We all looked for the government
There’s no government around
I speak the truth
And it ain’t that pretty
Cuz on August 29
We all died a little bit for our city
I used to live Big Easy
Now living got hard

So it took five long years to climb out of the hole that that damned hurricane left, but Suplecs is back on track again. With their straight on southern rock Suplecs can fill the hearts of many rockers. The album has 10 great tracks with space for every individual band member. From Andrew Preen on drums till Durel Yates on guitar (vocals) and Danny Nick on bass guitar (also vocals), they all have the space to express themselves on this so important album for Suplecs. For me the best tracks are 2x4, Fema Man and Coward. Straight on southern rock from New Orleans with influences from Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age and their own life experiences. Suplecs has delivered a very nice album that I highly recommend to lovers of this genre. Go check them out here: www.myspace.com/suplecs .

  Rating: 79 /100

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