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Lance King

111. A Sense of Urgency
222. Awakening
333. Manifest Destiny
444. A Given Choice
555. A Moment in Chiros
666. Dance of Power
777. Kibou
888. Infinity Divine
999. Joy Everlasting
10:10 Sacred Systems
11:11 Transformation
Lance King, also known asThe Voice in metal, is singing on over 25 worldwide releases over the last 21 years. You might know him as the leadsinger of bands like Pyramaze and Balance Of Power. Lance is also known as the owner of Nightmare Records on which some great albums like the latest efforts from Myrath and Anubis Gate as many others has seen the daylight. On the last day of June, 2011 Lance decided to invite some of his musical friends to co-write songs with him as he ventured into his first solo album. So on this album you can hear Jacob Hansen (Anubis Gate, Beyond Twilight, Invocator), Tore St Moren (Jorn), Malek Ben Arabia (Myrath), Kevin Codfert (Adagio), Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony) and many others. The album’s concept is based on the 11:11 time prompt phenomena happening to over 75 million people around the world, Lance is one of these people, and has dived in deep to find more about what it’s all about. This album is one man’s journey as a seeker of truth looking for answers to the world’s greatest mysteries. So another concept album that might interest people who are also interested in 11:11, but also those who know Lance King’s earlier work. The music is in the vein of bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X, but of course you hear some Anubis Gate, Myrath and Adagio in it. Besides that the music mostly kicks ass, except a few easy listening parts. Lance King’s vocal performance is really great on his first solo album. I think that is coming because he isn’t stuck in a band pattern and the subject (11:11) is interesting him. This is Lance’s record and you can hear that by example on songs like Dance Of Power, Transformation and the title track A Moment In Chiros. So I recommend everybody who likes the bands mentioned above and those who are familiar with Lance’s earlier work to buy this A Moment In Chiros. Oh yeah, and Lance has chosen Human Trafficking (sex slavery), one of the fastest growing criminal activities worldwide as the charitable cause he would like to champion, profits from this album will go to efforts to abolish this slave trade worldwide through an organization called NOT FOR SALE! Isn’t that another good reason to buy the album!

  Rating: 80 /100

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