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Dixie Witch

01. Let It Roll
02. Boogie Man
03. The High Deal
04. Red Song
05. Saving Grace
06. Sevens
07. Anthem
08. Automatic Lady
09. Second Chance
10. December
You don’t mess with Texas. ZZ Top, Dallas and Dixie Witch! Guitar, bass, drums and enough whiskey to drown a horse are all Dixie Witch ever needed to pound out a slab of southern fried rock and roll. It may sound like a formula but it’s one that’s served these good old boys for more than a decade, so why change now? Why mess with Dixie Witch?

Formed in 1999, Dixie Witch has established themselves as one of the seminal Texas Power Trios. The trio’s first record, Into the Sun, was recorded for Texas-based Brainticket Records and released in the summer of 2001. Extensive touring with the likes of Alabama Thunder Pussy and Suplecs brought Dixie Witch to the attention of Detroit’s Small Stone Records who released 2003’s follow-up, One Bird, Two Stones. A third album, Smoke & Mirrors, was released in 2006 followed by more touring including the groups first exposure to Europe. Ten years on the road can either make or break a band and in the spring of 2009, Dixie Witch introduced new guitarist Joshua “JT” Todd Smith to fill the void left by original guitarist Clayton Mills. This addition has brought a new energy to the band, creating a springboard into the next chapter of Dixie Witch history.

Let It Roll is called that next chapter in the history of these Texans. And I must confess that I goddamn like what these guys are doing. It’s a very nice album to listen with a great production (not over the top that is) and some great catchy songs on it. Mix some Clutch with ZZ Top and Blackfoot and you might have an idea what you are missing if you haven’t heard this album right now! They have just toured in our country, but I have a little voice inside me saying that they will come back. And that might be earlier then we all think. So if you like some dirty mean southern rock you must really check out Dixie Witch! Listening tips you say? Well you might start with Let It Roll and end with December.

  Rating: 84 /100

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