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Martelo Negro

01. Orgen Oletram
02. Altar nos Escombros
03. Black Hammer
04. Servos da Cúspide
05. Sob os Cascos de Satã
06. Satanic Speed Thrash Propaganda
07. Thormenthor - Into the Death
08. Walker of the Limbo
09. Hierofante em Chamas
10. Mutilação Ritual
11. Interludio Macabro
12. Winds of Carrion
13. Ocitemreh Otluc
Martelo Negro brings you death trash metal with a big dose of Celtic Frost jus in the mixture. 13 tracks of ravenous and straight in your face metal that keeps your head banging. These guys from Portugal are well known in their scene because they played in a lot of bands (check the metal archives).The riffs are grooving thrash riffs filled with melody and then you have the drums that are also very grooving up tempo that gives an energetic beat too the songs. The vocals are light screams/grunts that reminds me of Tom Warrior (Celtic Frost) with the song Circle of The Tyrants. The composing and production of this album is straight in your face and well thought of! If you like grooving death thrash then you are going to enjoy this album!

  Rating: 75 /100

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