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1. The Praise of Folly
2. Massa Damnata
3. Black God
4. In Gloria, In Excelsis
5. The 13th Horseman
6. Of Rebel Angels
7. The Curtain of Darkness and Death
Panchrysia from Belgium is no stranger in the black metal scene. This band is active since 1998 and have an arsenal of albums on their name. This review is about their 4th full length released in 2011. 7 tracks of very well executed black metal that is not the standard black that the most known. Panchysia is one of those bands that knows how to keep everything interesting in their songs. The riffs are filled with leads and melody. But also with a nasty Darkthrone riff. The drums are straight in your face and filled with blast beats and grooving parts. The vocals are black screams combined with raw vocals. The production of this album is also straight in your face and has a refreshing sound. 7 tracks that are good for 48 minutes of pleasure! What makes this band different from a lot of other black metal bands? Well their composing is great and filled with variety. Every song has fast elements but also very atmospheric elements in it. If you like bands like Opera IX or Dimmu Borgir but not the commercial shit then you are going to enjoy this album!

  Rating: 74 /100

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