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Ancient Creation

01. The brotherhood
02. Lost angels
03. Bringer of evil
04. Sphere
05. The show
06. Bloodline
07. Carrion the horde
08. Serinity (Instrumental)
09. Inserinity
For pigheadedly traditionalist metalheads, the year 2006 will no doubt go on record as ‘an excellent vintage’. Lots of good privately financed cd’s, demos and small label-releases all compete for their place on the year’s to-be-remembered list. With Ancient Creation, an up and coming band from Missouri joins the many other metal hopefuls of the current US-underground.
Founded by guitar player Peter Nisenkier, the ambitious five-piece have released the impressive full-length demo The uprising (cdr, colour-copy cover without lyrics, ghost track) recently. Their technical power metal, filled with superb leads/double leads by the guitar slinger team of Nisenkier and Jason Johnson, and enhanced by the raw but melodic – at times even thrash metal-like - vocals by Steve Bentley, should please US-metal devotees the world over. The younger metalfan, raised on a Dream Theater-diet of virtuose but often cold sounding concoction of modern metal, will probably ask where the ‘prog’ element is in Ancient Creation’s music. Well, this only goes to show just how far this particular scene-within-the-metal-scene has strayed from its roots – ignoring great bands like Seventh Omen, Beyond Reality, Talamasca and numerous others in the process.
Considering the fact that Ancient Creation have only been together since 2003, the quality level of compositions and musicianship is once again astounding. Listening to AC’s music, you wonder if they practice on a daily basis. The music has original ideas and technical finesse in spades, with gitarreros Nisenkier and Johnson seemingly inspired by players as diverse as Jeff Waters and Yngwie Malmsteen (please correct me if I’m wrong, guys). Also worthy of note is that neither keys nor synths are needed to fill empty spaces or mask a lack of power in the overall sound.
The melodic intro to Bringer of evil or the flowing and harmonic rhythm guitar parts in the galloping Sphere conjure up that wonderful US-metal feeling. During the track Inserinity (with a triple ‘i’), the band even approaches the Texas brand of technical power metal. All the more surprising, then, is the mercifully short blastbeat-like intermezzo that shakes up traditional structures in the fifth song The show. Sometimes there’s even a few ideas too many to fit into one song, for instance in the aforementioned Bringer of evil. This composition, especially, has the potential of US-metal classic, but would benefit from some tighter arranging (a few breaks and different parts less). The song as a whole would also improve from a chorus that has a bit more melody and is sung in a range just a slight bit higher up on the scale.
This nevertheless is nothing more but minor criticism. Who would nit-pick here when, for example, those extremely cool double leads/solos in Carrion the horde are storming the castle, or the unashamedly high shred-factor of ‘Bloodline’ defies every superficial trend that ever was and will be? Carrion the horde, with its almost Russian-folk-inspired guitar melody, also stands as one of the best tracks on The uprising. The powerful voice of Steve Bentley bears a resemblance to the voice of Coburn Pharr (ex-Annihilator/-Omen) and Ronny Munro (Metal Church), which should safely keep Ancient Creation’s type of technical metal from being labelled as ‘early Fates Warning-like’.
At the moment, the five hard-working Missourians are already putting together new material, with half a dozen song structures almost ready. The band are shooting for a mid-2007 release of their second disc. If Ancient Creation remain true to their style as defined on The uprising – and they have no intention to do otherwise – then all should be well for both band and dedicated US-metal followers in about six months’ time. So check out the song samples on MySpace - and don’t forget to tell your traditionalist metalhead compañeros.

  Rating: 75 /100

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