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01. 60%
02. USA-holes
03. seeing double at the triple rock
04. we march to the beat of of indifferent drum
05. the marxist brothers
06. the man i killed
07. benny go blowed up
08. leaving jesusland
09. getting high on the down low
10. cool and unusual punishment
11. wolves in wolves' clothing
12. cantando en espanol
13. 100 times fuckeder
14. instant crassic
15. you will lose faith
16. one celled creature
17. doornails
18. 60% (reprise)
I’ve been a fan of NOFX since 1989 and the albums S&M airlines and Ribbed and still like their style, political/critical/sexual texts and the fact that they don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s one of their crafts, as well as the great sound. This new album has all the NOFX ingredients of punk rock: Heavy fast guitar riffs, rasping vocals of Fat Mike, absurd texts, sweet choirs and El Hefe who plays the trumpet and gives the band an Hispanic influence. It all mixes up into the typical NOFX-sound.
Best song on this album is: Seeing double at the triple rock  absurd title but when you turn it loud in your car you just want to hit 150 mph! The easy punk riff on Benny got blowed up (what a title!) proves that music doesn’t always have to be a technical ‘Dream Theatre’-song to make the heads bang. 100 times fuckeder and You will loose faith are steady punk rock classics which make this album the best one for me this year.
Only sad repentant issue is that they keep on putting a last song on an album which starts with 10 minutes of silence and ends with some sort of a studio rehearsal. On the other hand, it always reminds me of a show in Tilburg back in 2000, where they left the stage after their set and came back 50 minutes later (!!!) to blast three more songs into the remaining audience (less than 100 people out of the 2200)! What a joke, especially for this typical Dutch audience whom all tried to reach their parked cars and bikes within 2 minutes after the concert!

  Rating: 96 /100

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