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01. Der Anfang
02. Adrenalin
03. Leider
04. Antik?rper
05. Entlassen
06. Ohne dich
07. Phosphor
08. Kein Mitleid
09. Kinder der Nacht
10. Vergissmeinnicht
11. F?r Immer
12. Wie Tief?
13. Das Ende
Eisbrecher has started in 2002 and Antikörper is the second full album of this German band. And according to people who have heard their first, named Eisbrecher, this one has got more guitars in it. That sounds promising!
One thing is certain and that is that singer and founder of the band Alexx Wesselsky has heard of Rammstein. I think his vocals are a bit like Till Lindemann and the tension in the songs is likewise, which is a compliment from my account! Their music is also German / Industrial, but is a bit different from Rammstein and will reach a great share of fans themselves. At least one in The Netherlands!

The album that I review here has in the first 2 songs the version for radio & clubs of Vergissmeinnicht and Ohne dich. Maybe these 2 versions are not worth being reviewed on digital-steel, but I am convinced that these songs will do very well in the top 100-chart of Germany. A bit in Depeche Mode-style. The songs are almost the same as the originals further on the album, so there are 11 different songs here while Der Anfang an intro is and Das Ende…indeed, the outro. Best songs of the album are Leider and Wie Tief? with militaristic beats, heavy pushy guitarsound and vocals who build to a climax (they can’t stop their DNA). Vergissmeinnicht also knows how to catch you with oppressing tension. Also my compliments for the producing AFM Records, they did a good job!
I like the combination of industrial, guitars and a bit of trance/techno in it. A recognizable German sound and hopefully they will reach a big audience outside of Germany. That they will sell good ‘in die Heimat’ is no surprise to me.

  Rating: 88 /100

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