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01. Endgame
02. the fall of an empire
03. lost in the Dark Lands
04. Slaves forlorn
05. The awakening
06. Eldanie Uell?
07. Clanner of the light
08. to the havenrod
09. the walls of Laemnil
10. Anmorkenta
11. In Duna
12. The story remains
13. Look into lost years

This band comes from the land that is familiar for its’ underground hardcore scene, but definitely nót for it’s epic/fantasy/bombastic heavy metalbands. The fall of an empire is by far the best damn metal album ever made in France!

The CD opens with a bombastic overture and grips you by the throat! What is this, French music? And with the title track all kind of bands flash trough my mind: Ayreon, Kamelot, a bit Dream Theater and a lot of classical music (Wagner, for one).
Eldanie Uellë makes you want to sail away on a medieval ship to shores to be conquered and is the best song, followed by the up tempo Clanner of the light. Also a powerful metalsong with speed is The walls of Laemnil. Surprising use of different instruments and shifting gears stays throughout the whole album. The ballad In Duna is being sung by a female singer, very nice. After the 10 minutes of The story remains you can easily awake from the dream with the sweet female vocals in Look into lost years.

Philippe Giordana (keyboards) started the fantastic adventure back in 1998. This is the second album under the current bandname Fairyland, but the band has already delivered other music by the names of Fantasia and Fantasy. The second album is created by Philippe and guitarist Anthony Parker and with Philippe being the founder of the band, the keyboards have a prominent position in the mix of the cd. Nothing to nag about, ‘cause he plays it with great virtuosity! With the great metal- and high varied English vocals by Max Leclerqc every song becomes a feast! Where did they pick up this guy? He is a new bandmember but by the sounds of it he fits like a glove. There are a lot of Wagnerian choirs spread over this album and that’s something you’ve got to like. I’d rather hear Max. My advice for this cd: lay back, put in on and dream away to distant shores and medieval surroundings.

The production is very polished and complete and the distribution is done by the Austrian label Napalm Records. Too bad I heard this album for the first time in early 2007, ‘cause it would have definitely found a high place in my top 10 of 2006 (release in Europe in November 2006). The American release is in January 2007, so I’ll remember that date! Fairyland will be touring in March and April starting in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Be there!

  Rating: 95 /100

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