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Moonlight Agony

01. Leaving solitude
02. You betrayed me
03. Soulless
04. Through the desert storm
05. The dark era
06. I?m alive
07. Room 101
08. Different stories
09. The blood red sails
10. Solemn waters
Moonlight Agony is a progressive power metalband from Scandinavia. With their second album Silent Waters this Swedish sextet proves they have outgrown the times of covering Helloween and Blind Guardian for good.

Ten songs with divers progressive metal are the result of the brains of skilled musicians/songwriters who’ve grown to the originality of bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X. Strange twists and creative bridges in the melodies are combined with mid-tempo or fast double bass parts. The keyboards often make the melody, but the particular keyboardsound is not always quite my style. There is a lot of experimental variety however. The vocals tell a beautiful story during the record; just listen to You betrayed me which sound very much like a rock opera/musical. And not only the vocals, but the whole orchestra ehhh… metalband. Afterwards the hymn Soulless provides more variety with a pure solo which ends with a fast piece of piano. Every song is a journey through orchestras, rock, metal and experiments. Among others the battle hymn-for-pirates: The blood red sails.

The experienced Christer "Zigge" Pedersen (Dragonland) has taken Christofer Starnefalks place playing the bass. The loss of Starnefalk being an old member will not be noticed, because Zigge is, besides bassplayer, a studiotechnician and already involved in both mixing all Moonlight Agony's early demos and recording the debut Echoes of a Nightmare. Not a new kid on the block, I’d say. The result, produced and mixed in Denmark, is a very balanced album, and though it’s not directly my style I can smell a promising band a mile away! It is recorded by the German label Dockyard1 what will undoubtedly result in a successful promotion amongst the large army of German metalfans.

  Rating: 82 /100

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