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01. The wingman
02. Life on fire
03. Losing time
04. Ivory tower
05. I failed you
06. Arriving as the dark
07. Streams of madness
08. Delta sunrise
09. Between the lines
10. Soaking ground
Bonus track: Y?vartio
Bonus MPEG video clip: Losing time
Helloween! That’s what enters my mind hearing the earwhippin’ The Wingman as opener of the second album of this Finnish quintet. Excalion exists since December 2000 and I’m not familiar with their first album Primal Exhale, released in 2004. So I’m not influenced by former releases during my sessions with their second album Waterlines which appears on the German Limb Music Products label.

The start is great, but Losing time has a bit of a very véry predicable chorus which you can sing along from a mile away. The Nordic god Loki will see a very good reason in the writing of this song to haunt the band for ages haha! The double bass of Ivory tower combined with the keyboards however give that song a good tension and catches my attention once again! The voice is not the best in this song, but that Jarmo Pääkkönen (Yes, I’m from Finland!) has good divers vocals whom can vary easily from ballads to overacting in metalsongs. My opinion is that over shouting his real qualities is not his best vocal act, but like ‘Dirty Harry’ Callahan used to say: Opinions are like assholes: everybody’s got one!”

The use of standard hardrock chords like in Life on fire and Arriving in the dark sounds nice, but delivers nonetheless not the most refreshing metal of 2007. That’s not necessary because the melodic metal that Excalion has produced themselves is good and Vesa Nupponen shows to be a skilled guitarist. Being the youngest member of the family he easily plays the standard metalchords but also delivers his own sound. And though I failed you is not the semi ballad to be played 50 times on your pc or installation and the boring outro of Delta sunrise even loses me a bit on this CD, Excalion is not bad at all, keeping in mind that you have to like the ‘universal devoted’ eighties metal to become a fan.
In the end, the first song was the best, but even in that fact they are not original.

The bonustrack is the Finnish version of Arriving in the dark: Yövartio. I don’t understand a word but it sounds cool, just because it’s totally incomprehensible. The extra feature on this promo is the redundant clip of Losing time.

  Rating: 77 /100

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