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Temple Of Blood

01. Destruction of the Twin Cities
02. Conviction
03. Return to Eden
04. Spiritual Warfare
05. Trampling the Serpent
06. Seeking the Truth
07. Legion of the Crypts
08. The Ultimate Sacrifice
09. Realm of Insufferable Burning (The Horrors of Hell)
10. Cover version of Deadly Blessing's "Deliver Us From Evil"
Holy Hell!! Every thrashbanger who is still alive after the glorious eighties thrash-era and fell a sleep because of the almost non-existence of this genre in later days, can dig up their Vio-Lence, Forbidden or Blessed Death T-shirts (if you have one) and start banging away with Temple Of Blood. Fast, furious headkicking songs with speedy clear and highpitching vocals. Sometimes the band slows down a bit but not very long. Great move because the speed is the best weapon of Temple Of Blood and sounds as tight as a chicken’s ass with a continues bombardment of guitarsolo’s.
Temple Of Blood maintains the same high quality as the examples mentioned above and after hearing this album I accept the weak production. All songs are examples of how thrash must be played so there is not a filler in sight. Last song is a cover tune from the mighty Deadly Blessing with original singer Ski handling vocalduty and he delivers. Incredible. The guy sounds exactly the same as twenty years ago.
Great song and a great way to end Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind and my eternal gratitude goes out to Temple Of Blood for releasing this thrash epic.

  Rating: 90 /100

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