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01. Awakening
02. Ain?t my deal
03. Till I lie below
04. Night flight
After a number of years in which crappy black metal, happy sympho-speed and sappy ballroom dress gothic for 12-year olds have been running rampant in the metal scene, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With real bands like Cauldron, The Answer, Archer, The Sword, Portrait and others, things are getting rockin’ again. And the influences that younger bands are incorporating into their music are not limited to early-eighties power metal and NWoBHM: quite a few of them are also looking back a bit further down the timeline, discovering late sixties psych, seventies prog and the straight-up heavy rock of days long gone. Forerunner (strange word here, considering the slo-mo songs the subgenre is known for) to all of this has been the doom metal congregation. Unwavered by fads and fancy digital technology, it has been minding its own business and cherishing the legacy of such stylistically diverse pioneering bands as Pentagram, Dust, Sir Lord Baltimore and Black Widow.
Earth Flight, born in 2004 in the German town of Nuremberg, are among the new generation of bands emulating the rock styles from the late sixties and early seventies. Their privately pressed 4-track EP Earth Flight was recorded in 2005, but eluded yours truly thus far. On stage the band plays inspired cover versions of Starlady (Pentagram) and the Angel Witch-classic White witch, and, in true seventies fashion, jams as well. With Barbarian Wrath (up until now known primarily for their extreme metal releases), Earth Flight have recently found a label to release their full-length album Movin’ with…, recorded in late 2006.
The eponymous EP, recorded in the original line-up of Andreas Blendinger (guitars), Tobias Brunner (vocals), Sebastian Engelhardt (drums) and Martin Stuellein (bass), gives a good taste of Earth Flights to come, containing four enjoyable rockers firmly rooted in the past. The prizewinning song here is the great Night flight, which – not only because of its title - strongly recalls Budgie and Nightwing. Yes, this is the old school approach to heavy rock, resulting in an uptempo track with lots of rhythm guitar-drive, cool soloing and – near the end of its seven minutes playing time – just that touch of psych to lift it above similar fare.
The CD sounds pretty analog, although in our digital age, technically that’s a bit of a contradiction in terms. This EP may have some of the flaws found on independent first recordings (a few weaker vocal parts, uneven mix), it definitely showcases talent to keep an eye out for. There’s playful bass work throughout, especially in the opener Awakening. Without further delay, Earth Flight make their doomy roots known, the song taking off at the snails’ pace that the subgenre is known and loved for. Doomier, even, is Till I lie below, a consistently slow mover that has that early seventies feel to it. Not a hint of trendy alternative here, and man, does that sound good.
After bass player Stuellein left earlier this year, Benjamin Müller took over. Other new crew crew member aboard is keyboardist/vocalist Sabrina Teleki. With this current line-up, the band is ready for take-off. It’ll be a treat to see the finished 9-track album (or should I say LP) Movin’ with… out later this year. If the uptempo track Running and the dramatic A romance of souls are any indication, Earth Flight’s first long-distance journey should earn themselves favourable reviews and new listeners across the board.

  Rating: - /100

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