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01. Vesper?s song
02. Blind
03. Look away s.p.
04. Breaking me down
05. I?ve been waiting
06. Confession
07. Love spoke
08. Back in black
09. The sand
10. Whisper
11. Circle
12. Book of names
13. Come back to me
14. Mutilated mind
Hydrogyn is the name of this band from the US, raised in 2004. They play heavy rock and Bombshell is their first full album. As I write this, théy are already writing songs for their second studio album! Being produced back in 2005 doesn’t make it a new release, but ROCK INC. is doing their job to promote this rockband in Europe since the European release in February 2007. Strange detail: Their live-album Strip'em blind live will be released in the US on July 3rd. This band is very productive and apparently a big hit in the States.

The songs are varied, but nothing new. The opener Vesper’s song was a single in the US and it sounds OK. Confession is an easy listening semi rockballad, and with singer Julie forming the big advert of the band she proves only not to be a hot chick (go Julie!) but also to be in the possession of a clean and clear throat. Her singing might suspect her being the little daughter of Ann Wilson of rockband Heart in some songs, listen to Look away s.p. and you’ll hear it! Though her voice sounds a bit shallow and there is too little variety in her vocals to impress me for the full 14 songs, her voice sounds like she can sing very loud however.
Love spoke is somewhat predictable, but what follows is the AC/DC-cover Back in Black. This is amusing with Julie singing her guts out, but the other musicians can’t top the Young-brothers and band! Julie sure knows how to present herself as a rockchick and is thé person to promote the band. (Apparently on the American release this song wasn’t on the album, but Skid Row-cover 18 and life was.)

This CD has been produced by Michael Wagener who has worked with bands like Dokken, Skid Row, Megadeth, Metallica, Accept, Raven, Ozzy and many, many others. Strange that he is putting money in this band? Maybe, but I think that if the harmony of the band improves they can be a bit more original and that might pay off. Right now the drums are not exiting and a bit simple. Drummer Josh Kitchen didn’t play drums during the recording of Bombshell so that gives me more hope for the sequel. This album/production lacks the synergy between the vocals and the rest of the musicians. The band sounds totally different from the vocals and the mix wasn’t quite optimal. The latest change in line-up is, that guitarist Jeff Boggs has left the band because of family matters, his replacement is going to be Craig Goldy (Dio), who seems to be getting tired of Ronnie James Dio running off for a few years with another Black Sabbath-story to tell. Hydrogyn doesn’t sound like Dio at all, so this connection says nothing about the melodic rock of Hydrogyn.
Not a remarkable band…yet. But what we can expect with other band members we’ll soon hear on their next album!

  Rating: 68 /100

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