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01. Solitaire
02. Rule the world
03. Ghost opera
04. The human stain
05. Bl?cher
06. Love you to death
07. Up through the ashes
08. Mourning star
09. Silence of the darkness
10. Anthem
11. EdenEcho
In the careers of many metalbands their first album is their best, but Kamelot is pushing themselves to a higher standard each new album. That makes it very hard to top the level of The Black Halo, their last studio album and their best one so far. Some bands avoid this self created ‘pressure’ or are just not creative enough to walk different paths of musicmaking. Knowing these facts, the wolfpack called fans are very curious what Ghost Opera sounds like. Being one of the lucky ones to have visited their European Tour 2007 last month I already heard the new songs Ghost Opera and The human stain. The videoclip of the track Ghost Opera can already be seen on their website (and YouTube, ofcourse).

The story in short is about a young talented opera singer who gets raped on her way to the opera and never arrives to play her role. Another song Blücher tells the story of the newest German warship in 1940 that sank before the shores of Norway in World War II before even firing one shot. I feel a parallel with the main character in Ghost Opera…?
With the tragic fact of the opera singer on the basis of the album, it doesn’t sound strange that in most songs you hear a darker, more gothic and bombastic side of Kamelot. All the songs are filled with tension, particular the orchestral compositions on the album. The album takes off with a violin in Solitaire and evolves perfectly into the Rule the world. Very progressive vocals and guitars there and listen to the returning violin! The use of female vocals & choirs completes the music and helps building the tension in Up through the ashes, as well as the vocals of Kahn himself.
Furthermore I can say that there has been written an Anthem of life itself. This ballad fulfils you with pride and shows once again the well-schooled voice of Kahn and the reason why Oliver Palotai has become a permanent member of the band. Palotai is a musician who brings new qualities to a band, listen for example to the classical compositions in the (fast) song Ghost opera or the melancholic clock in The human stain.

Songwriter Youngblood proves again to be a creative and original mind and he didn’t forget his strings when he started writing. Because after all my dazzling words above you’d almost say that Kamelot is a boys choir. This album might not be pure power metal anymore, but there’s still more than enough to cheer when you like fast or double bassdrums in combination with heavy and mean guitarwork! The last song EdenEcho proves it! Is this album better than The Black Halo. I really can’t judge, but fact is that Kamelot has broadened their musical horizon as they did mine, once again.

  Rating: 94 /100

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