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King Diamond

01. The Dead
02. Never Ending Hill
03. Is Anybody Here?
04. Black Of Night
05. Mirror Mirror
06. The Cellar
07. Pictures in Red
08. Give Me Your Soul
09. The Floating Head
10. Cold As Ice
11. Shapes Of Black
12. The Girl In The Bloody Dress
13. Moving On
After the debacle from his live album Deadly Lullabyes in 2004 this is Mr. Diamond’s first studio recording since The Puppetmaster in 2003. The saying: “you know what you get by King Diamond” is taken maybe to literal for this album. In an interview with King Diamond I’ve read that this is his best album in years. So that means that the last where not good at all, I suppose.
So I get the promo of Give Me Your Soul … Please on which some kind of idiot tells me every minute that “I’m listening to new King Diamond album …”. Yeah, I knew that, thank you for telling me that (NOT !). So I went to the record store around the corner to get me a copy to complete my King Diamond collection.

As I told you before “This is just another King Diamond album”. You know what you get, and that is taken sometimes literally. After the intro The Dead you hear Never Ending Hill which looks a lot like The Storm from Abigail II. It’s a good song you know, but I‘ve heard it before. And that’s the point on what this album is about “Heard it Before”. The guitar riff at the beginning of Is Anybody Here? comes from The House of God and on Black of Night comes the Voodoo lurking around the corner. Is there nothing good on the album? No no, I just wanna let you know that if you love King Diamond you will love this album. And if you never liked the man’s music than you don’t have to listen to this album.
Personally I love numbers like Mirror Mirror, Give Me Your Soul, Cold as Ice and The Girl in the Bloody Dress.

The verdict:
The horror story is again very good. When will someone make a movie of the thoughts of Mr. Diamond? Andy LaRocque is sublime as always, but you can hear King’s voice is suffering with his age, so he sings more in the lower regions.
This album is better than the one’s I’ve mentioned before, but it cannot compete with Abigail, Them and my favourite King Diamond album Conspiracy. But if you have pulled out of the music from King Diamond after The Eye in 1990, give this album a chance,
Because Mr. Diamond wants you’re soul … please !

And I guess that now the time is right for a new Mercyful Fate album.

  Rating: 80 /100

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