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CD 1:

01. Wild on the run
02. Falling
03. Running from the night
04. Hotline
05. Rebound
06. Poor girl
07. She?s nobody?s angel
08. Breakdown
09. Going down for the third time
10. Wild on the run
11. Bonus track: Wild on the run (Neat 32 single version/A-side)
12. Bonus track: The show must go on (Neat 32 single version/B-side)

CD 2 (live):

01. Wild on the run
02. Alley boy
03. Breakdown
04. Falling
05. Running from the night
06. She?s nobody?s angel

With no real Summer in sight this year, you have to find other ways to get the sun to come out. And what could be more effective than putting some of that good old America-inspired eighties’ hard rock into the player? Wild on the run, originally released on Parlophone in 1985 and reissued here through Majestic Rock, is just the ticket. They had keyboards, they had big hair, they had singer Stuart ‘Snake’ Neil (1963-2006). But being Brits, Tobruk had a hard time getting through to their audience in their home country, being that said audience was otherwise engaged or not nearly enough in numbers to get them the attention that Americans (and rock fans the world over) accorded Bon Jovi, Ratt, Skid Row and other bands of the subgenre.
Now, despite production by Lance Quinn (Bon Jovi and others), musically Tobruk were not the keyboard-at-all-cost act that got onto bigger things on little else but a lightweight sound. In fact, they got pretty much nowhere fast (to quote that great Jim Steinman song from Walter Hill’s neon western Streets of fire). Terrific tracks like Falling, Running from the night, the title number and the uptempo Rebound had just that little bit more edge to them. Snake had the quintessential voice for a heavy rock band and – so the stories go – the entertainer’s qualities to go with it. Listening to a highly enjoyable good time rocker like Going down for the third time (now there’s a few potent vocallines for ya!), one can’t help but wish Tobruk had stuck around just a slight bit longer. The guitar solos on Wild on the run are good stuff too and, hell, those keyboards remind you of Summer nights, girls and cool beers long past, don’t they?
As 95% of today’s British rock scene spends its precious time looking for the latest in trends, the gayest in haircuts and the silliest in chords, albums such as this one by Tobruk (they did record a second one, by the way) once again set the record straight about the way we were. Oh dear, wasn’t that a Barbra Streisand song from one of those sappy Hollywood movies from the seventies? Yes and yes, but I digress. Nowadays, you’d give your right hand - well, maybe your left - to see a band like Tobruk sweating it up live at the local club/pub on a hot Summer evening, wouldn’t you? Out with the lads, having a good time, enjoying the crap out of a song like ‘Wild on the run’ and completely oblivious to the fact that sooner than you know you’re not going to be 23 anymore.
Anyway, the bonus disc with this reissue testifies to the fact that Tobruk could cut it live as well (no wonder, being a heavy rock band from the UK). Most of the live tunes here are from the band’s debut, with only Alley boy taken from the second album Pleasure and pain. So to all who loved the Wild on the run LP back in the day and to all those who either missed out or were born too late: get yourselves a generous helping of Tobruk and I guarantee that Summer will knock on your door instantly.

  Rating: - /100

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