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Black Majesty

01. Forever damned
02. Into the black
03. Evil in your eyes
04. Tomorrowland
05. Soldier of fortune
06. Bleeding world
07. Faces of war
08. Wings to fly
09. Another dawn
10. Scars
Tomorrowland is the third album of this Australian melodic power metalband and I’ll have to say, they keep up the pace of every other year a nice power metal product. After Sands of Time (2003) and Silent Company (2005) they deliver right on time. Again produced by Endel Rivers in the PalmStudios in Melbourne makes it a genuine Aussie-product. That’s something you wouldn’t say when you hear Black Majesty’s music!

Though the continues pounding double bass and fast guitar tandem by Stevie Janevski and Hanny Mohamed are powerful basic ingredients every power metalband would be jealous of, originality is not the word that crossed my mind. That’s often the problem with this genre and is often why power metalbands shoot in their own foot, but what the hell!
Just listen to the very melodic vocal parts. John Cavaliere has a tremendous metalvoice with a great vocal range and a lot of belting à la Queensryche’s Geoff Tate in the early days. John has a very clear own sound however! For example: The Deep Purple-cover Soldier of fortune is a nice 21st century version with still the bluesy influences of the original Coverdale vocals.

If your heart lies with the ‘80’s and 90’s metal of Helloween, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, or you’re a power metal fan this album offers new combinations of the older metalfashion. Germany is definitely a land where Black Majesty has found a second home with the German label Limb Music Products and a performance on Wacken Open Air Germany 2007 early August! If you happen to go there, don’t miss this dark Australian royal highness!

  Rating: 81 /100

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