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01. .com-fusion
02. Golden wings
03. Fall into oblivion
04. Hunters
05. Duat (land of the dead)
06. Timechaser
07. Powerlust
08. Hear me calling
09. The fire is burning bright
10. Dead within
11. Lie down free
Originally formed in 2000 as X-piral and after a few namechanges these Greek metalgods have released their first album Poison Eyes in the beginning of 2005. This second release Hunters is once again brought to us by the Greek label Burning Star Records and that makes this an all Greek product. The album was finished by Markus Teske, producer of bands like Vanden Plas, Symphony X and Saga, who has mixed and mastered the final results.

I’m not impressed by the opener .com-fusion, but when I reach Fall into oblivion I find that the band knows how to write a song. It’s like the start of raw Kawasaki-motors, which after a few miles runs like a metal thunder! The Greeks dare to combine fast and slower parts with breaks and there’s more than enough room for wellplayed guitar- and keyboardsolos. Outstanding is not the word, but steady power metal written by good rockers. The time has been taken to build up the songs, so you have to take your time to feel the vibe while the average time is over 6 minutes. This Greek metal combines power metal, the necessarily metalballad with Hear me calling with keyboards so the combination might not be new, X-piral’s sound is varied and you can hear they plan their own musical course which can only be admired. The two shortest tracks, titletrack Hunters and the timeless Timechaser, arise the others. You can hear them on the internet, do try!

Besides some longer tracks one other point of attention is the vocals; they can do better. But not to worry: Michael Apostolakis’ English pronouncement has improved as has his range, so he’s climbing up vocally speaking. The drums and keyboard however are produced perfectly so there’s enough confidence for future releases! The record is already on the market for quite some months, so check it out on MySpace and hear for yourselves!

  Rating: 78 /100

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