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01. Oraison Fun?bre
02. Le D?chirement
03. Funeste Et Hivernal
04. Le Domaine Des Songes - Acte I
05. Barrad Du
06. War Hent An Ancou
07. L'Enfer Froid
08. Noz-Veil

Belenos from France is described as pagan/celtic black metal. In december 2007, this one man dominion (Loïc Cellier) comes with the fifth full-length album called Chemins de Souffrance. This recording consist of two parts. The first one is a re-recorded and improved version of their Allégorie d'une Souffrance demo from the year 1998 and was Belenos’ third demo. The second part is Les Chemins de la Mort features four new songs written in 2007.

My first worry, when I read that there were old and new songs on the album, was that there was maybe too much space of time between the old and new songs. But when I heard this album as a whole the first time, I had to say that old and new fits in perfectly. Like I said, Belenos is described as pagan/celtic black. I think its more than that. It’s a strong combination between raw and cold black metal and that pagan./viking sound. You’ll get moments of freezing cold and fast black metal combined with parts of that typical viking sound. If thats not enough, sometimes Belenos shows us mid-tempo black, as we know it from bands like Burzum. Viking moments are never too much. There are just enough moments of clean vocals and acoustic guitars to keep it interresting and to give just that atmosphere that Cellier’s music needs.

With this Chemins de Souffrance I got again an album completely in the French language. And like I already mentioned in my review of the latest Peste Noire album, again I think that this language, how shall I say this, makes the music a little more mysterious and adds that little darkness to it.

This album is not only recommended to fans of bands like Enslaved or other viking stuff, but also the fans of a more traditional (read: Norwegian/Scandinavian) form of black metal should check this band out. Not renovating, but decent and strong music.

  Rating: 81 /100

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