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Mind's Eye

01. Praying For Confession
02. Seven Days
03. AssassiNation
04. Chaos Unleashed
05. Hell's Invitation
06. Feed My Revolver
07. Ashes To Ashes (in land lullaby)
08. The Hour Of Need
09. Red Winter Sirens
10. Skin Crawl
11. Graveyard Hands
12. Say Goodnight
13. Pandora's Musical Box
Following swiftly on the back of 2006’s lavishly acclaimed Walking On H2O, Swedish progressive metal masterminds Mind’s Eye return with their most ambitious and accessible album to date in A Gentleman’s Hurricane. Taking their musical and lyrical vision another step on, the band has delivered the world’s first cinematic metal triple pack consisting of CD/Comic Book and ‘making of DVD’. A Gentleman’s Hurricane is a musically and lyrically rich affair offering a quality of storytelling not heard on a concept album since Queensr˙che’s 1988 classic Operation: Mindcrime.

If I don’t make a mistake tis is already the seventh album from these progrockers from Sweden. And I must confess that this one is by far the best album they have made. Don’t expect an album like Operation Mindcrime from Queensr˙che musically. The concept story is also different but has some hooks with the best album Queensr˙che has ever made. What you will get is a great Prog-Rock album in the style of Marillion, Dream Theater and Shadow Gallery. Not the least bands I mention here, huh?
This new album from Mind’s Eye comes with a dvd ‘the making of’ and a comic book, yes, just like Kiss, Mind’s Eye have their own comic book. Not that you will be able to read that book and listen to this album at the same time, because the music is to good to drive your attention away. Johan Niemann and Daniel Flores are the wall of sound and what Andreas Novak does with his singing is sometimes unbelievable. This is progmetal in it’s best form.
With songs like AssassiNation, Feed My Revolver (look at the video clip on their MySpace page!) and the brilliant Red Winter Sirens they have put their selves in the premier league of the progmetal. Also they aren’t dirty with some little folk music on Graveyard Hands. The album is ending with the heavy Say Goodnight and the epic Pandora’s Musical Box.
Knowing that the three band members, who have made together more then 90th album appearances in several bands, have now delivered A Gentleman’s Hurricane, I guess the Pandora’s Box of Mind’s Eye is open and will not close for a long time !

  Rating: 90 /100

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