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01. Dawn Of Seasons
02. Shell Shock
03. Burn It Out
04. Bare Bones
05. Within The Solace
06. Beast In The Field
07. Legacy
08. Nobodies Victim
09. Balls To The Wall(Accept-cover)
10. Steel Rain
11. Seasons Of Tragedy
Time goes fast! Already 2 years ago Benedictum released their debut Uncreation; an album claimed as “best of 2006” by a lot of traditional Metal fans . It’s always hard to make a follow up of such a great album, but Seasons of Tragedy passed that test with verve.
After an instrumental prelude, Shellshock hits your speakers like a ton of bricks, great classic Heavy Metal as just too little bands make these days. But the “oldschool” style of the music doesn’t sound dated, it rather proves this style of Metal is timeless! While Benedictum hold on to their original style, the song writing improved; Beast in the Field and the title track are awesome songs, a good indication Benedictum is evolving and not just hang on to the success of the debut album. The band likes to do covers, this time Accept’s Balls to the wall was chosen, not the strongest Accept song but Benedictum give it their own twist; great double bass drum driven chorus and Veronica is able to bend her voice to sound a lot like Udo. On the next song Steel Rain, a semi-ballad her voice on the other hand is very clear, great to hear she can adjust her voice to the style of the song. There are some guest guitar players on the album, best known will be the legendary George Lynch. It was a great thing for Pete Wells to play with one of his idols, but let’s not forget Pete puts down a lot of killer riffs and solo’s himself!
So what to say ?? Simple; support this great band and buy the new album now !!

  Rating: 88 /100

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