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01. The Tempest
02. Faith In Steel
03. Riding The Cosmic Winds
04. Forever Triumphant
05. Heart Of Dreams
06. Warrior Forlorn
07. Forged In Dragon Flames
08. The Eyes Of Time
09. Mystic Star
10. The Dawn Of Enlightenment

Bonus Tracks:
11. Flight Of Icarus
12. Dr. Wily
Americans that play European powermetal? Yes, thats right. They are hailing from the States but they easily could have been from Europe and their music is heavily inspired by Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden, Helloween and Hammerfall. Armory started in 2001 by Chad Fisher and Joe Kurland (both guitar) and this album was already released in 2004. Back then with a much poorer production and with the lack of support/promotion it never reached the masses.
The band decided to re-record the whole album professionally and started from scratch to promote the album. Besides the same songs Armory added two coversongs as bonustracks.

Like said, musically it’s Euro-powermetal but done on a high level. Elements from the speed and progressive scene are incooperated into the songs and make this album diverse but it all stays within the framework of Euro-powermetal.
After the intro The Tempest the fast opener Faith in Steel will let the powermetal fan bang away immediatly. Double bass, speed riffs and a high pitch vocalist always do the trick and with the more diverse Riding the Cosmic Winds the band continues. With Forever Triumphant there is a real power ballad available and Heart of Dreams is a great epic tune to sing a long and raise the sword for metal. Although the powermetal fan will have heard almost anything this day and age and The Dawn of Enlightment contains no suprises, it still is a solid piece of Euro-powermetal. Fans of the genre will have a blast no doubt.

  Rating: 80 /100

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