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In Silentio Noctis

01. From Beyond
02. Funereal Verses
03. Portrait of a Devil
After some band died a few members wanted to go on. This was in 2006 the beginning of In Silentio Noctis. Unfortunately it took six months before the band was completed. December 2007 they decided that the time has come to release their arts. This resulted in their first, free downloadable, demo Symphonies of Death.

With From Beyond the album kicks off with a very loud intro. The female soprano vox are typically for a band like this. Unfortunately I can't really hear her quite well. The music is too loud so the vocals are pushed to the background. Also the melody is not very clear, it looks like rushing on the drums and guitars, oh well, ‘we have a song’. But if you listen better you hear that there is something deep inside the music.

Funereal Verses continues in the same way. I must say that it starts getting boring. To me it looks like the same song. But on the other hand, there is more melody and this song is slightly better than the first one. Especially the piano parts are very nice.

Portrait of a Devil starts very soft, which is a nice variation. Also the guitar riffs and drums are much better than before. And so is the balance between vocals and music. With this last song I can only say continiue making such nice music. I love it.

Sympnonies of Death is a nice album but I think with a better production that it had been much better. Now sometimes I seem to miss something in the songs. But I think this band is young enough to grow and they will, I hope!

  Rating: - /100

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