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01. Cheese
02. Filthy Grudge
03. Seventh Wonder
04. Active Mind
05. Left Here All Alone
06. Another Lost Soul
07. Down Day
08. Without You
09. My Life
10. Free
11. See Through
12. Venon in Denim
Ceremony is the debut album of the Australian 5 piece rock band Ceremony. There are more Cermony’s into the rock/grunge/metal world, I for one know a Dutch and an American version. No original title, but how do these Aussies play their music? Well, don’t expect metal or tough hardrock, because Mausoleum Records has a big diversity in their bands, but Ceremony can be found on the softer rockside of the label.

Cermony knows their way with semi ballads, shown in the songs Left Here All Alone, Down Day (with acoustic guitars) or Without You. The lyrics are sometimes very disappointing however; the opening Cheese irritates after a while with the returning line Am I the one and the song Active Mind is also a bit overdone. A fling of funk can be heard on Free and especially in See Through and in some songs there are some grunge-influences too like in the song Filthy Grudge.

The main goal of this album seems to be targeting the fans under 21, female, AOR, who think Three Doors Down (just listen to Seventh Wonder) is too single faced and think grunge is passé. All the songs are easy listening and some have actual hit potential if you ask me. Though I’m not one of them girls, I must confess that several songs are real good, supported of course with a multi skilled vocals of Cameron Brown and a tight band behind him. Guitarist Paul Galagher however is with the band for the current time and tour, but if he is a solid band member I’m not sure.
Originally from Australia, there are a few big names that Ceremony already toured with: AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Jimmy Barnes. If you’re interested too, see them somewhere after their current northern USA/Canadian tour when they have a European Tour to follow.

  Rating: 73 /100

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