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01. La morale dell? immorale (instrumental)
02. Give me your helping hand
03. Gates of fantasy
04. Bring us the light
05. Salvation dance
06. The silence ? Memories (part I)
07. The silence ? In silence forsaken (part II)
08. The silence ? Relief reverie (part III)
09. Searching you
10. Evening star
11. Afterlife (instrumental)
OK, the Czech Republic lies next to Germany but isn’t as famous for its power/heavy metal bands. Maybe Symphonity can change something about that.
In 1994 the band started out as Otter and later on was renamed Nemesis. With Libor Krivak being the only original bandmember and renaming the band twice, it can hardly be called the same band as before. Nemesis made one album called Goddess of Revenge in 2003, but since then keyboards, bass, drums and vocals have changed to respectively: Ivo Hofmann, Tomas Celechovsky, Martin Skaroupka and Olaf Hayer. Olaf Hayers´ voice reminds a bit of Geoff Tate, James LaBrie and of course, Olaf Hayer! He is a very experienced singer and I can’t give him one point of criticism.

Strength of the band is, that it´s not depending on one strength but guitars, vocals, keyboards are all important to the symphonic power (and a bit prog) metal of Symphonity. Yee, I wonder how they came up with that name haha! Almost all the songs are true symphonies, after being misled by the mainstream power metal song Give me your helping hand. The symphony The Silence – In silence forsaken proves this is more than an average power metal band, but has a lot of potential and also a prog touch. There’s also the opportunity to bang your head gently and sing along right away with Searching You, but I’m glad there’s just one song like that on the album: It’s precisely enough!

The more complex songs are the trademark of Symphonity, because the longest songs are by far the best ones: Gates of Fantasy, Evening Star and The Silence – In Silence Forsaken.
The last instrumental song Afterlife is being followed by a cover of former vamps Nena & Kim Wilde: Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwan. Very funny, but they could have pumped up the speed a little.
If the noses can be into the same direction the next years, this will be a new player in the higher metal regions of Middle Europe, including Germany!

  Rating: 82 /100

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