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Revolting Cocks

01. HookerBot3000
02. Keys tot the city (Vegas mix)
03. Red parrot
04. Robo banditos
05. Cousins
06. Touch screen
07. I?m not gay
08. Abundant redundancy
09. Lewd Ferrigno
10. Wizard of Sextown
11. HookerBot3000 (Disco a go go mix)
Revolting Cocks or RevCo is a side? project of Al Jourgensen (yes, Ministry-godfather). With Sex-O Olympic-O being the 8th official realease of the Revolting Cocks it’s not an impressive discography in 25 years. The list of ex-members is more impressive! With famous (ex-)members like Jello Biafra, founding fathers Luc van Acker and Richard 23 (Front 242), Sin Quirin and Paul Barker (both Ministry) the band has had a large history since 1983.

RevCo has an industrial touch, but it is accessible for non-industrial metalfans or distorted dancefreaks as well. That means, the fans of Ministry but also people who think that live shows of Underworld is for soft cells, haha! (I confess, I was once at such a live show). For those people is the song I’m not gay, which could be with some imagination performed by Underworld.

The high level of the songs starts with HookerBot3000. All the songs have different influences, like Robo Banditos with a bit 80’s disco during the couplets or even some sort of a reggae song with Wizard of Sextown, still with distorted vocals of course! Furthermore Keys tot the City is a shock rock song which Marilyn Manson would love to have written…but he didn’t! Well, let the Revolting Cocks surprise you during the other songs.
With Josh Bradford (vocals), Clayton Worbeck (keyboards) and Ministry-guitarist Sin Quirin being the 3 who inherit RevCo because Al Jourgensen has stopped both Ministry ánd the Revolting Cocks. I’m very curious what he will be up to, except for producing/mixing the album of Spider Baby.

Al even said in interviews that Sex-O Olympic-O is his best album ever! Well, that’s for everyone to decide for themselves. Die hard Ministry fans might find it too weak or soft and RevCo fans might think it might be slightly polished every once and a while. I think it will be found in my best albums of 2008. Fact is that it’s full of sexual texts and actions and the PMRC or other silly moralists will not be amused, haha!

  Rating: 88 /100

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