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01. Whatever You Say
02. Break Us Down
03. Dickcheeze
04. Just Some Words
05. Notorious
06. Good-bye Harbour
07. Vacuum
08. My Satellite
09. Tired Man
10. DNA
11. Sometimes
The debut album of five young rockers from Duisburg, Germany. With Trust Game they aim for a broader audience than only metal/hardrock. For instance young girls can easily be reached with these 11 divers rocksongs, but also regular rockfans who were into grunge, nu metal or even Nickelback in the past. Young fresh modern rock with a lot of hitpotential, that’s not what I’m familiar with from German metal soil.

The music is also no straight in your face metal, but Trustgame describes their music as “Just rock”. Well, that’s true but it might be sometimes be a bit too tough and more guitar rock-orientated with some experimental solo’s. The vocals of Thorsten Schwesinger have some of the raspy grungevoice of Curt Cobain in it during ‘Whatever You Say’ but are very divers and powerful! The punkrock Dickcheeze is supported by cool keyboards, which make it a differentiated song. During the album, Trust Game flirts with several musical styles like punk, emocore and a bit of nu metal. There’s even an Ennio Morricone sphere with western trumpet at the end of Good-bye Harbour. This melancholic song has a typical Vienna waltz my old aunt would like too. Eastern influences come through with the keyboards in Vacuum and is that a familiar Rush-riff I hear during Tired Man…? All kinds of influences are present!
The song [/i]Just Some Words[/i] is an actual single from the album, but that might be one of the more mainstream songs on the album and therefore not one of the best ones. The album targets the younger female fans if you ask me, but hey, why not? For me it might be sometimes a bit heavier, but they claim to play “just rock” and that’s what they bring you.

Limited Access Records holds a new card into their hands and does it turn out to be an ace, that’s the question! Hopefully the songwriting keeps growing, but Trust Game has made me curious and is a rockband I will surely follow in the future.

  Rating: 80 /100

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