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The Rock Temple (Kerkrade - Netherlands)
European tour 2009

Sylver Myst
On September 24th the Swiss band Edenbridge would be on stage in the Rock Tempel in Kerkrade (the Netherlands). On the poster Silver Myst and Serenity were mentioned as well. So three band on one evening; this could become a real hardrock party.

On 20:00 the Dutch band Silver Myst started the evening. The number of people wasn’t very much; about 50 men. Nevertheless Silver Myst performed a solid show with a mix of gothic and metal songs; the sound was great. The melodic bombastic long songs with varied metal, opera singing and grunts was a heavy start of the evening. “Immortal Memories” reminded me of After Forever; gothic and metal parts with symphonic keyboards and great vocals. “Entangled by lies” started as a fast song with heavy riffs and double bass drums; Tamara had some problems with the power. On ‘Trail for Tomorrow” however she proves she really has a metal voice. “Thrill for Tomorrow” and “My Third Eyes” were convincing last songs of the set. This band could be great in the future. Unfortunately Tamara told me after the gig that the band probably would break up because of a kind of lack of motivation of the founding members. That would be a pity.

After half an hour the stage was ready for the Austrian melodic metal band Serenity. The audience had increased and had become almost three times as big as in the beginning of the evening. From the first song “Reduced” the band obviously had a real good time. With their melodic power metal and great sound Serenity made the audience clear that the coming hour would be a metal party. Georg Neuhauser (vocals) was a real front man; with a lot of humour and absolutely great vocals he entertained the fans; he had a good interaction with the audience. He even tried to pronounce the Dutch places of the upcoming shows (keep practicing Georg, you did it almost right . The heavy “All Lights” was performed superb, with beautiful solo’s by Thomas Buchberger. The ballad “Fairytales” was a terrific interplay between the band and the audience. After a heavy ending (“Sheltered” and “Engraved”) the band even played a song more than on the set list.
With powerful riffs, double bass drums, heavy bass guitar, great keyboards and terrific singing together the show was impressing. All in one a great performance; the band played for bigger audiences but still the band showed that they also enjoy to play in little clubs.

Only a few moments after Serenity the Swiss Edenbridge climbed the stage. The vocals of the beautiful Sabrina define the sound of the band for an important part. Bass player Simon Holzknecht had a tiring evening; he played with Serenity as well as with Edenbridge.
With a bombastic opening the band played “Shadowplay” of the last album. Remarkable was the absence of keyboards; all keyboards and orchestral parts were played by samples. As Lanvall told to me after the show the orchestral parts can’t be played by keyboards so; the band decided to sample the keyboards and orchestra. The setlist was the same as the one of the last live album. This cd is only for sale on the live shows. The old “Arcana” (from 2001) was performed great; the twin guitar solo by Lavall and Sebastian was played nice and the solo of Lavall was emotional. The show ended with several songs of “My Earth Dream”. Actually it is the most heavy period of Edenbridge. Specially during these songs the vocals of Sabina were very convincing.
After a short break the band played “Shine” and “Cheyenne Spirit”. At the end of the show only half of the crowd was present. Still the band played the whole set. Among the crowd there were even fans from Germany (Duisburg); the real fans. After the show Lanvall took all the time to talk to the fans.

Although the number of people was a little bit disappointing it was worth visiting The Rock Tempel. Those who were there had a great evening. All bands were available for the fans after their gig and this is the real basis of metal; the close contact between the fans and the bands.


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