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Marios Metal Mania fest


013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)

Hatchery, Sanity's Rage, Acrostichon, Hyades, Holy Moses
Marios Metal Meeting is a tradition for Digital Steel to visit. With last two episodes filled with powermetal, Mario decided to arrange a thrash metal fest. The day before the festival there was a wild thrash pre-party in the Little Devil but nevertheless the thrash bangers showed up in the afternoon to witness the opener of the day: Hatchery.

These Germans play old school thrash, deeply rooted in German eigthies thrash mixed with some Slayer influences. No originality or great ideas but simple down to earth thrash. Their singer/screamer became annoying after a while but his irritating screetching vocals were well compensated by his enthusiasm. The band performed well and had a good stage act. If you like old school thrash without any compromises check out Hatchery.

Next on were Sanity's Rage from Belgium. This band released a very good MCD a while ago and I was curious how the band would perform on stage. To make a long story short, it was a bit disappointing. With song material that is sometimes a little complex and not easy to grasp at first, you have to have a good sound and great stage presence. With both, more or less lacking, the songs didn't came out as fluently as I expected and therefore their stage act was accordingly static. Luckily they threw in some original Belgium humor to break the ice but it is clear this band has to practice some more to be really convincing on stage. They have the potential for sure and it's only a question of time untill this band will be a respected thrash metal act.

Third band was the Italian thrash machine Hyades. They played in Tilburg before on the Tilburg Headbangers Fest (organized by Mario) so it was no suprise to see these guys on the bill today. Hyades are known for their wild thrash shows and again they performed like expected. Their singer is a maniac just like their drummer and only the solo guitarist doesn't move or laughs. The band played songs from all three albums and the audience went crazy. With the last song 'Fight for your right' everybody crawled on stage to end this energetic good sounding gig from these crazy Italians. You like thrash, go and check out Hyades. Thrash now, work later....

In this time of endless reunion gigs it was only a question of time untill death/thrash act Acrostichon from Tilburg would arise from the ashes. After 15 years the band got together by a request from Mario himself. The place was packed when Acrostichon started their setlist. They played the first album and mcd and probably the band had a blast in doing so. Good sound and especially drummer Serge kept the pace and made this a gig to remember. We will have to because this was a one time event. Guitarist Richard put together a nice video show to support the songs and bassplayer/screamer Corinne unleashed her hellish vocals while Joss was entertaining everybody and especially himself with his string torture. I think the band never sounded this tight and lets hope not for the last time.

German thrash veterans Holy Moses were the real headliners today and they performed very professional. Sabina Classen gained some weight compared to the old days but she still looks great. She also sounds great and they put on a good show for the fans. Most of the fans got on stage to sing/scream along with set closer Too Drunk To Fuck and ended this third edition of MMMIII in style. Crazy and drunk.

It looks like Mario somehow always knows how to put together an interesting bill. Maybe not suitable for the mainstream modern metal lover but for a majority of headbangers it is always a pleasure to be on the MMM fest. Can't wait to hear what will be on the bill next year. Some suggestions: Anvil, Blessed Death, Toxik, Metal Church etc.


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