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De Auw Kerk (Bunde - Netherlands)
Riverside European tour 2009

The Pineapple Thief
On October 26 The Polish band Riverside started their Anno Domini High Definition tour. The first concert was in the concert hall “De Auw Kerk” in Bunde, the south of the Netherlands. The “Auw Kerk” stands for the old church; it is an old catholic church building in Roman style and is renovated into a multifunctional place where also concerts are taken place. The atmosphere is rather unique; the sound is great. A great place to start the new west European tour of Riverside.

At 20:15 the English progressive rock band The Pineapple Thief started the show. The band has a typical song; mostly psychedelic, sometimes progressive than again heavy. From the first song “God Blessed The Child” on the band played a show with varied atmospheres; the song started with handclapping percussion and ended heavy. With “3008” and “Weak up the Dead” even new songs from the upcoming album were played. The album will be released in April 2010. Both songs guarantee a great new album. With the long psychedelic and impressive “Too much to Lose” the band ended a great gig. This song is a nice step to the headliners Riverside.

Unfortunately the music between the two performances didn’t fit with the bands. Old jazzy songs were coming out of the boxes; what has this to do with progressive rock? It is obviously that this absolutely had nothing to do with the music played on the stages this evening.

About 21:30 it was time for Riverside to descent the stairs to the stage. From the beginning on Riverside had a good time and wanted to start the tour with a great performance. Musically “Panic Room” was played great; this is the great typical Riverside sound. The vocals of Mariusz Duda however did miss the aggression; especially with “Second Life Syndrome” the lack of aggressive screams make the song less emotional. It was performed well but I heard the song in a better performance on former concerts. After half an hour the intro of “Hyperactive” was played. It was the beginning of an integral performance of the album Anno Domini High Definition. It was superb; there was more keyboard of Michal Lapaj than on earlier gigs but the balance between guitar and keyboards was very good. Together with the straight rhythm foundation Riverside did what they had to do: perform a great Riverside show with heavy moments, beautiful melodies and great solos. The “Egoist Hedonist” sounded more heavy than on the cd.
The band returned twice on stage; with songs like “Stuck Between” and long instrumental songs. After almost two hours the band left the stage for good.

After having a great time the huge crowd went home satisfied.

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