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God Dethroned


Mezz (Breda - Netherlands)
Tour 2009

When a package with God Dethroned, Hollenton, Endstille with Onheil as support comes to the Mezz avenue at Breda, it’s too close from our place to stay home. So on this Sunday late in the afternoon, Verrottuh and I raise ourself of the couch and make our way for an evening of good metal and beer.

The Dutch band Onheil had the opportunity to open the evening. In the past I was familiar with the name in the Dutch black metal scene, but never took the time to check this band out. The first time I got to see these guys on stage was a couple of years ago when they played a gig in Roosendaal with the Belgian band Gorath. What I understood was that Onheil was renewed (the band combined with members of another Dutch band called Martyr that was split up) and was working on new material. I remember that they knew to give a nice show so I was curious what they where going to do on this evening. Like the gig in Roosendaal, this was again a nice and solid openings act with mostly work of their new album “Razor”. Also the crowd enjoyed the by heavy and thrash metal inspired black metal. (Sanguis)

The next band on stage (and first of the three headliners) was Endstille. This was the show where I most looked forward too. This band knew to surprise me as support act of Dark Funeral a couple of years ago and made me to take up most of their discography in my collection. The climax for me was their show at the Party San festival in 2008. They blow away almost the whole festival. Then the news came to me that vocalist Iblis had left the band. This made me not only more curious to this show, but also a bit frightened, Iblis was for me a big role in the bands strong and brutal performance on stage. I understood that Mannevond of Koldbrann was going to replace Iblis and that gave me hope. The moment that Endstille entered the stage of the Mezz, I didn’t see Mannevond, but for me the unknown Lugubrem. The show started with a bad sound, but after a song or two this was cleared and it could really start. The band had also an extra guitar player and that was a positive thing for the sound. The band played tight and took songs from almost all their albums. For me the highlights where “Dominanz” and the great “Bastard”. It was also good to hear that the new material blended in perfectly with that old material. Now we come to the point where my fear became true. Lugubrum couldn’t fulfil the absence of Iblis. He hadn’t had the brutal performance and also missed some of the vocal capability that Iblis had. It came over like a bit unaccustomed. Although it was a good show, I went home with a bit mixed feelings. I hope the reason was that Lugubrum is new and the band and he has to get used to each other and need time to acclimatize. (Sanguis)

After the deception that was called, Enstille it was time for some good metal made by the band ‘’Hollenthon’’.
A concert that was highly anticipated by yours truly since I love the albums of them and never saw them live before. The band didn’t use much words this evening, more then a ‘’thank you’’ or it’s great to be here didn’t get out of their mouths, luckily the music was played with enthusiasm. The band played a cross section of all of their albums, if I’m not mistaken (and I might be) they played ‘’enrapture-hing illae lacrimae from the debut,
‘’Woe of the defeated’’ and ‘’the calm before storm’’ from ‘’with vilest of worms to dwell’’, ‘’Son of perdition’’ ‘’homage’’ and ‘’ once we where kings’ from ‘’Opus magnum’’. From the new Ep they played ‘’Tyrants and wraiths’’, a song that is less bombastic and is significant harder than the other material. Hollenthon was everything that I expected. A very good concert, that left the audience begging for more. (Verrottuh)

Although I think that ‘’God dethroned’’ is a very good band, I didn’t expect they could match up to Hollenthon.
But to my surprise they did and more. Everything about this concert was great. The sound, the songs played to perfection and a band whom really where in a good mood. After a threatening intro, they kicked of with under a darkening sky, which is a kick ass song and a perfect opener. God dethroned also played songs from every album, like ‘’Under a silver moon’’ from the grand grimoire, ‘’Poison fog’’ from Passiondale, Boiling blood and The serpent king from Bloody blasphemy, Villa vampiria from Ravenous and Nihlism and Sigma enigma from Lair of the white worm. The band did their stinking best and the audience picked it up since headbanging and moshing in front off the stage where ongoing. I always thought that God dethroned are one of the better bands from Holland and with this concert they proved that fact again. (Verrottuh)

All in all it was a great evening with a nice variation in styles and sound.


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